HaroldA little information about myself:

I graduated at the Dental School of the University of the Witwatersrand. I have been in practice since 1976 in Bryanston. In 1975 I was awarded the Higher Diploma in Dentistry at Wits and then graduated with an M.Sc. in 1982.

These courses were done by part-time study. I do regularly attend continuing education courses both locally and internationally to keep abreast of the latest technologies, materials and techniques.

The overriding principal aim and objective of my Dental Practice is to give you a "DISEASE FREE" mouth. I will constantly strive to get your mouth to that desirable state.


Even the provision of treatment (when it is necessary) is directed at preventing any further need for treatment!


At this visit, I will give your mouth a thorough examination and chart any treatment that may be necessary. This treatment will be outlined and discussed with you. An approximate costing of the treatment will be prepared for you at this time. Please note that my fees do not correspond to medical aid tariffs and that you are responsible for payment of your account with me.


• Why do we take them?

• When do we take them?

• How many do we take?

X-rays are taken for various reasons, the most important one being that because of the structure and composition of teeth and supporting structures we cannot visibly inspect all the surfaces. It is thus of vital importance to periodically X-ray teeth to enable accurate diagnosis of the presence or absence of dental disease.

  • Full mouth/Panoramic X-rays need to be taken every 3 - 6 years Bitewing X-rays (2) - every 12/18 months

On children, X-rays should be taken once the mixed dentition stage is reached (approximately six years old). Other X-rays may be taken to assist diagnosis.